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Genetic engineering and the selection and editing of human embryos

human embryo nature.jpg

Human embryo. Source:

In the last century, genetic engineering has evolved so fast that now it is even possible to clone, as in a science fiction movie. Eventually, modifying genes will be just another result of science in our daily life. But, is it ethical to change what nature produces?

A few years ago, what we know as making a ‘perfect’ baby was created in the USA by selecting abilities like strength or intelligence, or physical aspects like being tall or blond. From my point of view, it isn’t ethical to modify embryos to create a better human. If we begin creating these types of humans, in the future we will be all like robots and everyone will be equal.

                On the other hand, I understand that if we know that the embryo has a malformation in its genes that will harm its life or even die, then I think this is what genetic engineering is made for, to help or cure those who need it, not to create “robots”.

                To sum up, genetic engineering is one of the greatest advances of science, and it could help cure lots of diseases, which wasn’t possible so far. But it has to be used to help, not to our own benefit.

Silvia S.

Pros and cons of living on your own

emancipation source eurostat.png

Sources: Eurostat. UK ONS, US Census Bureau

Going grocery shopping, washing the dishes and your clothes, cleaning up, paying the bills, etc… These are the main chores one has to do if they decide to become independent. Do you think you’re ready? The age for emancipating has increased over the last few years, mainly because of how luxurious it’s living with your parents or because of the inability to sustain yourself economically-wise. And of course there are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to living on your own.

First of all, the pros of emancipating are that you learn the basics of the household, such as cleaning, cooking, and paying bills. Besides, you also learn to be responsible, like for example in locking your house, not spending all your money at once, etc… On the other hand, no one will tell you what to do, but this can also be negative, because no one will give you a little reminder to clean the kitchen or turn on the dishwasher.

Finally, moving out also has some negative aspects, such as having to do everything by yourself. For example, dinner will not be ready when you come home or your clothes won’t wash themselves, you will have to do it. Most importantly, you should be able to sustain yourself money-wise, and to do so you will have to find a job with a steady income, because you will have to pay a lot of bills, like for example your rent, groceries, water, light, wi-fi, etc…

In conclusion, becoming independent is not that easy. Those are probably the reasons why the age for emancipating is increasing. In addition to that, in Spain a lot of people don’t have a job which makes it hard to move out. Do you see yourself doing all those things?

Kimmy H.

So there you are. You’re about to be 30 years old and you’re still under your parents’ roof. You don’t want to be there, not because you hate your parents or anything remotely similar. You just want to live your own life, be able to decide what to do by yourself. But you can’t. It looks like the beginning of a tragic novel, but it’s what most of the “young” adults have to face.

The main problem that causes that late emancipation is the actual lack of financial stability, mostly related to the amount of trash jobs that these people have. These trash jobs give no money. Well, they surely do, but it’s not enough to emancipate, which causes that our 30 year-olds need their parents to survive. This can also cause emotional breakdowns, mainly because they can’t live the life they want to live.

The solution that, in the first place, looks really obvious, is the creation of jobs. Many governments boast about being the kings of “unemployement rate decrease”, but the kind of jobs they promote are the same that causes the problem. What they need to promote is steady jobs that make it easier for people to become independent.

All in all, as we all can agree, late emancipation is a huge problem that requires a solution as big as the problem is. And yes, it seems overwhelming, and maybe impossible to fix, but if we don’t try fixing it, it surely won’t fix by itself.

Arnau P.