Genetic engineering and the selection and editing of human embryos

human embryo nature.jpg

Human embryo. Source:

In the last century, genetic engineering has evolved so fast that now it is even possible to clone, as in a science fiction movie. Eventually, modifying genes will be just another result of science in our daily life. But, is it ethical to change what nature produces?

A few years ago, what we know as making a ‘perfect’ baby was created in the USA by selecting abilities like strength or intelligence, or physical aspects like being tall or blond. From my point of view, it isn’t ethical to modify embryos to create a better human. If we begin creating these types of humans, in the future we will be all like robots and everyone will be equal.

                On the other hand, I understand that if we know that the embryo has a malformation in its genes that will harm its life or even die, then I think this is what genetic engineering is made for, to help or cure those who need it, not to create “robots”.

                To sum up, genetic engineering is one of the greatest advances of science, and it could help cure lots of diseases, which wasn’t possible so far. But it has to be used to help, not to our own benefit.

Silvia S.