The limits of privacy and intimacy

paparazzi business insider.jpg

Paparazzis waiting outside a celebrity’s home. Business Insider, 2018.

Imagine being at your house, watching your favorite show, and when you look outside the window, hundreds of photographers and reporters are waiting for you to come out. How would you feel? This situation is what many celebrities have to face every single time they want to leave their house. In my opinion, reporters and paparazzi don’t respect famous people’s privacy.

 From my point of view, celebrities are constantly been treated like objects and some people forget that they are humans just like the people who take advantage of them. They have the right to have their own personal space just as we do, like their home. This is supposed to be a safe space, where you can relax, but having paparazzi at your door and in the windows trying to take pictures of you doesn’t allow you to have that kind of peace .

Besides that, many times when celebrities actually talk to reporters, they end up making up information. This happens a lot with the love life of famous people who normally don’t want to talk about that because it is something private.

Finally, I believe that with social media this situation is getting worse. A bad picture or an article about you in a magazine can be spread around the world and this leads to a lot of hate to celebrities even wishing them to be dead. To conclude, celebrities are normal people that should not be harassed by reporters. Or would you like to feel the same way?

Marta N.

Nowadays the social media have assumed a huge transcendental role when it comes to communication and socializing. Some influential people on the internet have been lately complaining about the supposed abuse reporters commit with regards to their privacy. Even if it sounds as a clear violation of intimacy, the reality is that  celebrities have created a business from selling their private life.

First of all, we must  mention the fact of the economic benefit both groups make thanks to those news, in which exclusive information is released about the famous people´s privacy. In the second place, this causes an enormous social impact , which means that their fame and influence grow. The third and last reason why influencers should not complain about paparazzis is the duty they have when accepting to be role models, as they assume the role of icons for a whole generation.

In conclusion, reporters are right in their position related to the conflict caused by the struggles celebrities have  when managing their own fame.

Gonzalo L.